How much does a security system cost TCO Model

All too often, customers make decisions about choosing a security solution based only on a few specifications they read in a data sheet and the consideration of „lowest up-front cost.” And even this price criterion is based on only a few factors, such as the price of the hardware and the installation of the equipment.

However, the cost of installing a security system can vary depending on many other factors, and as with any sophisticated technology, the equipment and installation costs are just the beginning. Unfortunately, only after customers have invested in the system and started using it do they realize the importance of long-term ongoing costs. Failure to budget for other costs that are part of the solution implementation process can later lead to system deficiencies and failures, causing the customer to incur more unpredictable costs.

When you have to buy such a complex installation as a security system, instead of the approach based on the „lowest upfront cost”, it is strongly advisable to consider the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), which provides a full overview of the purchase, the received value, and the cost of usage and maintenance of the security system over the long term.

The total cost of the solution is composed of

It’s essential to understand all these factors that affect the total cost when investing in a security system.

Let’s take the example of purchasing an access control system.

Acquisition Costs

Factors affecting the acquisition cost of access control systems

A.1 Complexity of System: There are many different types of security systems available, and the cost can vary depending on the chosen type. For example, a stand-alone access control system that supports a limited number of readers and has only some basic functions will be obviously less expensive than a scalable system that uses advanced communication and database technologies, mandatory requirements for any complex environment.

In the „Lowest Price” approach, the customer will always be tempted to opt for a basic system, even for spaces that naturally require complex solutions. Only after implementing the solution will he discover that his „too basic” choice does not meet his real needs, therefore the chosen solution will actually turn out to be a very expensive one.


A.2 Size of the System: The size of your facility or the number of facilities will also impact the cost of a security solution. However, be aware that while a small individual building usually needs a basic system with a few simple components, a larger installation or multiple facilities will require not only more hardware and software licenses but also more complex hardware, software, and databases.

Therefore, the cost will not only increase in direct proportion to the quantity of equipment but will also be affected by its greater complexity, which also implies the involvement of technicians with a higher degree of qualification.


A.3. Quality of the system:

While this factor has a big impact on the overall costs of the solution, it is quite difficult to analyze because all of the manufacturers claim to offer „high quality” products.

Usually, when it comes to the quality of an access control system, most customers naturally think in terms of „system reliability”, which is quite difficult to measure in the bidding phase. However, „quality” is a multidimensional feature that could be defined in terms of:

  1. Security: The main purpose of an access control system is to provide reasonable security by preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas or data. The system’s capacity to accomplish this objective is directly influenced by its quality. Robust authentication mechanisms, encryption protocols, sound security policies that could be implemented, and reliable and resistant locks will provide good quality security, real security.
  2. Reliability: A reliable access control system should consistently and accurately authenticate and authorize individuals based on their credentials, 24/7, without any glitches or system failures. These should also lead to less expensive maintenance and fewer and shorter downtimes. A low-quality system often experiences technical issues at the software and hardware levels and frequent downtime, all of which jeopardize, in the end, the security of the customer organization.
  3. Easy to use: The effectiveness of an access control system is influenced by its user friendliness. A system of high quality will have easy-to-learn and easy-to-use user interfaces. A complicated system drastically reduces its effectiveness, as the operators won’t be able to use in full all the advanced functions of the system, despite the customer having paid for them.
  4. Scalability: Scalability is a very important feature that allows expansion or modification of the system with the guarantee that it will continue to properly function without degrading. Any good-quality access control solution ought to be scalable to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for any organization.
  5. Reporting and auditing: An effective access control system should have extensive capability for customized, comprehensive audit trails and reporting to fully meet customer needs. Also, a high-quality system should provide good forensic analysis and quick and early identification of any potential security vulnerability. These essential features may be absent from a low-quality system, making the security solution less effective.
  6. Potential for integration: The ability of an access control system to seamlessly integrate with video-management systems, intrusion detection systems, or business systems and create a comprehensive security infrastructure is determined by its quality. Integration that works well makes the security measures that are in place work better as a whole.
  7. Long-term solution: During the life of a security system (usually 12 or more years), the security landscape will always change as new vulnerabilities and threats emerge over time. A dependable manufacturer will regularly provide a high-quality system with patches, updates, and software and firmware upgrades to keep it safe from new threats.

Overall, by investing in a high-quality solution, you can make the most of its ability to continuously protect your people, information, and assets over the long term.


A.4. Integration: The need to integrate your system with another type of security, such as CCTV or alarm systems, or with your business applications from HR or Active Directory, will apparently increase the total cost of installation (licensing integrations and highly qualified services), but in the end, it will reduce the operational cost in the long run.


A.5. Customization: Adapting the access control system to some specific needs of the organization can also increase the cost of the installation. For example, if you need exceptional security policies to restrict access to certain areas, a more complex system tailored to these specific needs may be required.

Installation Costs

The more challenging or complex the access control system installation job is, the more the installers will charge for their labor and materials.

While the installation process seems intuitive, many customers expect to make big cost savings here as they can directly negotiate with the local installer based on something they „better understand”.

However, apart from discussions centered around labor rates, installation costs do not normally offer many opportunities for savings, as the time and other resources required to install a particular security system should be more or less similar, regardless of the installer.

The labor rates shouldn’t differ too much either, in a certain area. If there are large differences between installers in terms of labor rates or total service costs, the least expensive ones either work with very poorly qualified technicians and/or are not legally paid, or some or all of their installation work is to be subcontracted, or just some phases of the installation process may be omitted. Just to name a few.

For example, substantially lower installation costs could „announce” that the technical project could be either just a useless formal document or completely ignored, or the wiring is to be done without any cable infrastructure, just a few cheap cables thrown through the ceiling, etc. Therefore, double-check with your potential installer about the quality and installation standards. Before making any purchase decision!


Factors affecting the installation cost of access control systems:

I.1 Technical Project –  While a proper initial technical design is an important „tool” for the installer, and brings coherence and consistency to any installation, a detailed As-Built technical project is an important „tool” for the customer.  It will primarily help the customer to easier and safer modify the building security installations when needed and also to get less costly maintenance services in the future.

A quality Technical Project might not be cheap, as it requires highly qualified and certified engineers, but always ask for a proper one, especially the As-Built project. And always update it whenever you modify something in installation.


I.2 Project management – Good quality project management means smooth, consistent, and quality installation. In the end, a good quality system. If does not exist in the proposal, the quality of installation will be a question mark.


I.3 Wiring – Because it is the most „intuitive” part, it is perceived as a simple process that should be the least expensive.

In fact, wiring is the most work-intensive and time-consuming part of the installation process, and it should always be done in a professional manner and with great care. Faulty wiring will always negatively impact the rest of the installation phases and future system performance. In the long term, this will lead to more expensive maintenance.

Note that replacing a piece of equipment usually takes about one hour, but replacing an inappropriate, misplaced, or compromised cable could take many hours. And it will not only be a very expensive procedure but also a very disturbing one, especially in a functional building.

As a general rule, always go for the best possible professional cables and wiring, and don’t try to drive prices down drastically at this stage just because you think that pulling a cable is not a big deal. Remember that ” A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’.


I.4 Equipment installation usually requires highly skilled technicians and often depends on the quality of the wiring. Installing the equipment properly might take longer, but in addition to ensuring proper system operation, it also guarantees lower maintenance costs over the life of the system.


I.5 Commissioning means setting the initial technical parameters of the system and databases, testing each device and system functions, and finally handing the system over to the customer. This complex phase requires careful planning and a team of highly skilled technicians and certified engineers, who typically have the highest hourly rates, similar to system designers.


Conclusions at Installation

In the world of security installers, there is a saying that goes, „There is no such thing as bad equipment, just bad installation.”

In other words, any sophisticated software or equipment, if implemented in an unfortunate manner, will get you nothing but wasted money. So, always pay maximum attention to the quality of installation services because they could make the difference between a robust, functional security system and a bag of gear.

Rolf Control Acces, as a team of professionals, always approaches ALL installation phases with the utmost attention.

Maintenance Costs

„Buy and forget” seems to be the motto of some clients who perceive system maintenance more as an annoying additional and unnecessary cost. But this approach will lead to system degradation and, ultimately, the complete loss of the initial investment.

Security systems of good quality usually have long lives, typically from 10 to 12 years or even more. That means the systems spend the vast majority of their lives in the maintenance phase, the phase in which they are actually used. That is why, to keep the initial investment safe and the security at the designed level, a proper and comprehensive maintenance plan should always be in place.

Rolf Control Acces provides a broad range of customized maintenance services. Call us, and we will be happy to offer more details

Maintenance Services is composed of:

In short, Preventive Maintenance is a mix of scheduled actions and procedures to ensure the proper function of the system, prevent its’ degradation, and extend its lifetime. Appropriate preventive actions should also reduce the number of corrective visits, leading to decreased costs of ownership.

The Preventive Maintenance Plan will consist of:

  1. Software Support Plans Periodically made available by the original manufacturers, these plans provide regular updates/upgrades of your software and devices’ firmware, as well as valuable technical support from the provider. Note that buying a „Support Plan” does not mean that the system is automatically updated. While these updates are available to you under Software Plans, the upgrading/updating service is usually paid separately to specialized technicians, who competently carry out these operations. Buy it whenever possible, and although it might not be cheap, it will keep your system young and safe over time. Moreover, you can migrate, often free of charge, to higher software versions, keeping the system compatible with your IT infrastructure and getting new interesting features you did not hope for when you initially purchased the system.  
  2. Technical Inspections (at least once a year) are intended to verify and certify that the security installation is in good condition and complies with initial/previous functions and technical and operational parameters. Note that the Technical Inspection is not a „Repair Fest” when all the old, neglected system problems are to be solved in one or two inspection days. There is no time, and probably not even the necessary spare parts are on hand. If the technical inspection team finds serious non-conforming devices/defects, they will issue a report with recommendations for further corrective action, subject to customer approval prior to any action. The price of Technical Inspections depends on the size of the system and its complexity.
  3. Planned Corrective Maintenance  Could be carried out within Technical Inspections, or in separate visits, subject to Service Agreements, and refers to preventive, scheduled repairs, fixes, and replacement of the moving and/or exposed parts of the devices, like locks and turnstiles mechanisms (at intervals recommended by the manufacturers or earlier if necessary). Also, this could refer to regularly replacing outdated security equipment (obsolete readers, TV cameras, etc) to keep the hardware compatible with new software releases and avoid unexpected outages.

Corrective Maintenance or Unplanned Maintenance is an unplanned corrective action usually taken when a breakdown occurs unexpectedly and could happen even when a Preventive Maintenance plan is in place.

We always recommend including Corrective Maintenance in a Service Agreement along with Preventive Maintenance, as a package. You can get better and, most importantly, more predictable service prices, which will also help you better budget your system maintenance.


Rolf has an exciting range of service packages. Please call us for more details.

Choosing only „Corrective Maintenance” is a reactive strategy: something that doesn’t work is repaired or replaced until it does. In other words, it restores the function of an item only after it has been allowed to fail, and it’s based on the assumption that the failure is acceptable (i.e., doesn’t have a significant impact on your security).

However, when opting for corrective maintenance as a single strategy, it is essential to ensure that the failure modes under consideration do not have the potential to become Emergency Maintenance, because, in this situation, the maintenance will be more expensive, less efficient, and less safe.


Dos and don’ts when you have to deal with Corrective Maintenance

  • Be reasonable and always prioritize the corrective intervention according to how critical the breakdown is. This priority includes factors relating to the security of protected areas as well as downtimes. Don’t ask for a 4-hour intervention for a non-critical component of your system, as it will cost you more.
  • Before calling the service provider, do carefully check with your electricians and/or IT departments that the main power and facility communication lines are fully functional. In case of an access control system „fault”, double-check with your facility departments that the door itself is in good condition and is not the cause of the problem. In this way, you can avoid the extra costs of unnecessary interventions.
  • Unless you are a certified expert in your system, when calling for service, give the technician just the real facts and symptoms, and don’t try to express your opinion regarding the cause of the fault. If you mislead the technician, the cost of the intervention might be very high. 
  • Don’t always expect the technician to fix the problem in one visit. They might need some spare parts that are not readily available, so it might take some time and several visits to fix the fault. We always advise the end user to have some critical components in stock and also have written backup procedures for their personnel in case of any critical system failure situation.

Price of Maintenance

The price of Preventive Maintenance, which is usually the subject of Service Agreements, depends on the costs of the support plans, the required number of technical inspections, and their complexity and duration. It will also depend on agreed-upon planned corrective maintenance schedules. In short, the size and complexity of the system are the main factors that influence the price of Preventive Maintenance.

Typically, the price of the corrective maintenance visit is the result of the service technician’s hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours the service technician spends diagnosing and fixing the problem, either remotely (online) or in one or more on-site visits.

The hourly rate level depends on the qualifications of the service technician required for that specific intervention. While for a simple intrusion system, a mid-skilled technician might be sufficient, for a complex video or access control system, a high-qualified technician or even a certified master engineer may be needed. Sometimes a team of two or more is needed to fix the problem, so the costs will vary accordingly.

The price of the corrective intervention also depends on the required response time, so requests for urgent interventions ( the same day or even under 4 hours), after-work hours, or during the weekend or holidays will have higher costs, sometimes substantially.

Also, note that:

The corrective intervention’s price is often a door-to-door price; this means that the intervention time will not only be considered the on-site time but also the technician’s travel time to and from the fault location. So, don’t be surprised if you get a higher invoice than you estimated.


Conclusions – Maintenance

The maintenance of the security system is as important as its acquisition and installation phases. Do not neglect it, as you not only reduce the life of the security system but also leave your business premises unsecured, paving the way for burglars, criminals, and miscreants.

Choose a comprehensive Maintenance Plan, and have a proper Service Agreement signed, approaching a proactive strategy and not just acting reactively. Moreover, you must not only maintain preventive and corrective measures but also try to implement an improvement strategy so that the facility increases its security level, being one step ahead of potential new threats. All this is so that you can rely more on your system at any critical moment.

Operational Costs

Salaries of the system administrator(s) and operators

These costs depend on the number of administrators and system operators and their job descriptions. While for small systems there is no need for a dedicated system administrator(s) and/or operator (they could also have other roles within the company), for larger or more complex systems, a dedicated staff is a necessity. Salaries depend on each company’s policies. On the other hand, a well-designed security system will lead to cost savings by reducing the number of security guards.


Training sessions for Administrators and Operators 

A modern security system is mostly software, which is regularly updated; therefore, training should be carried out periodically throughout the life of the system, as users should be able to use it constantly at the highest levels to achieve effective security. Not to mention the turnover of the security personnel.

The training costs will vary depending on the complexity of the system and the method provided by the supplier.

Training can be done at the customer’s premises (quite expensive), at the supplier’s premises (you will pay the training cost and staff travel expenses), or more recently, through online courses (which are the most cost-effective), a method mostly chosen by cloud-based systems providers.


Other operational ongoing costs

These „other” costs are often overlooked by most clients because they are usually „diluted” among the overall costs of the organization, yet they could represent an important component of the system’s total operational costs.

Although we will not do an exhaustive analysis of these costs here, it is worth mentioning a few of them:

Energy costs: For instance, the energy consumption of an 800W server will cost the company approximately 2000 euros per year, without adding the costs of its cooling. Add to this the client workstation, network, and field hardware energy costs, and you will find that the energy costs are not quite negligible.

Maintenance of computers/network equipment (these consist of servers, computers, HDDs, racks, network switches, UPS, operating systems, databases, anti-virus, cyber security, IT staff salaries, etc.). Although all these components are part of the security system, their operational, maintenance, and periodic replacement costs are often „diluted” in IT department budgets.

For instance, for an average server of 4000 euros plus two client workstation computers, the operational and maintenance costs could go higher than 110.000 euros over 12 years (the average life of an access control system).

Cost examples for implementing an access control system

Taking all of the above into account, here are some guidance price figures for an access control system acquisition.

Below is a schematic description of an electronically controlled door and all the required Field and Head End components i.e.,:

  1. Door equipment (installed on and next to the door): Reader, Request to Exit Button ( REX), Lock, Magnetic Contact, and optionally a Local Door Alarm ( LDVA).
  2. Intelligent Field Equipment Controller & Interface Boards for Readers and Alarms, Power Supply for Controller, and Power Supply for Lock.
  3. Head End Equipment & Software: Access Control Server (with OS, etc.), Access Control Application, and Database;
  4. Communication and Power Cables: between Door and Field equipment and Communication cables between Field and Head End Equipment.

On average, for a reasonable-to-good quality access control system, you can expect to pay (up-front costs) between 800 and 3500 € per door, with an average of 1300 €/door in our area. That includes the costs of door equipment, Intelligent Field equipment, Head and Equipment and Software, all Power and Communication cables and Installation services.

This variation in door price is due to all the factors described above, but, in short, the more complex a system is, the greater the up-front, installation, and, later, maintenance costs. The higher quality a system is, the greater the up-front cost could be, but the lower the installation and maintenance costs will be. For instance, the use of biometric scans instead of a regular card reader or a better quality lock inevitably increases the cost. And the greater the number of controlled doors at the facility, the greater the total installation cost of the access control system; however, it is quite possible that the cost per door will decrease.

Keep in mind that choosing a modern cloud-based solution could significantly shift your cost per door to a lower figure. Please call us for more details.  


In short, a financial offer for a medium-large access control system could have the following cost structure (for the purchase and installation phases):

  • Software app (with none or few integration modules): about 6 -10% of the overall system value;
  • Hardware ( Head End, Field, and Door Equipment) – about 55-70 % of the overall system value;
  • Infrastructure and Cables (of reasonable quality) – about 8-11 % of the overall system value;
  • Services (Design, Wiring, Eqp Installation, and commissioning):  about 19-23% ( or sometimes higher) of the overall system value.


In terms of costs, there is not just one model to calculate the value of maintenance services.

While time-based corrective maintenance is based on hourly service rates, preventive maintenance is often subject to Service Agreements. Often, these Service Agreements, in addition to Preventive Maintenance tasks, also include a number of corrective maintenance visits provided upon request. These Service Agreements are a kind of service subscription. Overall, you could expect to pay yearly for system maintenance between 3 and 5% of the system acquisition cost.

While some service providers will quote their services as a percentage of the estimated system acquisition cost (updated at the offer moment), others, more meticulous, will first perform a comprehensive system audit and propose appropriate services to keep the system running reasonably. As an example, the cost of maintenance can range from 120 € to 1000 € per year, per door, and it will depend on the complexity of the system, the amount of services provided, and their quality conditions

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