You’ll no longer have to waste time and energy trying to manage separate contractors for design, cabling, equipment installation, commissioning or post-commissioning support services.

Contact us, and you get the guarantee of a Rolf system, a turn-key, high-quality installation that lasts. One skilled team, one contact point and flexible services. Easy to manage.

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Free pre-sales services for developing a professional security solution

Do you’re in search of a security solution? Do you want a solution that works right out of the box and fits within your budget while addressing the needs of your business? Rolf Control Acces consultants can help you to customize a solution that addresses both your security and budgetary goals. Our expertise combined with creative thinking gets you:

A Unique security concept design, best suited to your specific needs

A knowledgeable analysis of alternative solutions

The proper technical and financial proposal

A tailor-made deployment schedule for your security solution

High-quality design development and “As-built” project

The attention to detail and nearly 30 years of experience in security projects bring:

Carefully elaborated technical documents

Quality CAD drawings – equipment, cabling, connectivity diagrams

A thorough Commissioning Plan

An accurate “As-built” technical project

Professional Project Management

A dedicated and focused Project-Manager:

Plans & coordinates Rolf resources for your specific project

Flexibly coordinates Rolf’s tasks with the site schedule

Communicates and reports with all parties involved in the project

Delivers the project on time. Every time

State-of-the-art equipment and materials supply

Don’t bother,
As certified resellers of leading manufacturers in the industry, we supply on-site all the required equipment and accessories, at the best prices. Moreover, the equipment is pre-tested in-house before on-site dispatch, a guarantee that the installation process will go smoothly.

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High standards for installation services

State-of-the-art equipment requires quality installation. Our experienced technical department can handle your complete installation requirements.

A professional cable infrastructure (cable trays, pipes, etc.,)

Exclusively high-quality cables and connectors properly installed

A robust and ergonomic installation of security equipment

A documented installation properly labeled

Rigorously commissioning and proper hand-over

Once installed, we offer professional commissioning of your security system by highly qualified Rolf engineers to ensure peak performance. We always provide a dedicated master engineer for your specific security solution who:

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Always test and set up your system following strict procedures

Closely cooperates with your IT, Facility, and Security teams, local or abroad, to properly configure the system according to your requirements

Training and System Support

Extensive product training backs every system we deliver, ensuring that your equipment is operated and maintained according to the original supplier’s specifications.

Many of our installations also come with online training for operators and managers. More convenient, as your personnel do the training at their own pace and when they have time.

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Cost-effective aftercare services

It doesn’t matter how complex and advanced a security system is, if it does not properly operate all the time. That is why we provide:

A wide and flexible scope of after-sales services to ensure the durability of your security system, and to keep it fully functional for years to come

A large selection of equipment with prolonged warranty (from two years up to life warranty)

On-site preventive and/or corrective maintenance, updating or upgrading, small modifications, and software support plans, for the life of your system. Anything you may need