Who we are

Introduction to Rolf Control Acces – enterprise security solutions provider.

Rolf Control Acces, a privately owned company established in 1994, offers a full range of modern and reliable on-premise, and cloud physical security systems, based on seamlessly integrated software platforms and communication networks.

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As a business partner of major suppliers in the security industry, Rolf provides security solutions with superior management of physical and logical access control, intrusion detection, video management, monitored fencing systems, turnstiles, automatic barriers, and fire alarm systems.

From a project implementation perspective, Rolf is a turn-key installer and has technicians, engineers, and project managers with long experience in high-end systems projects. They provide a smooth installation process and an efficient interface with all other parties involved, including end-users, consultants, and other trades that are usually associated with a security project.

Since 2003, in line with its customers’ needs, Rolf has expanded its operations across the Eastern Europe region, with projects for major customers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, and Italy.

Letter from CEO

“In December 1994, I enthusiastically started this company with a clear thought, to provide Modern, Reliable, and Robust Security Solutions, following four simple ideas:

1. Technology would be an asset for the customer, not a future problem. That implies Competence.
2. While I did not believe that “the customer is always right”, I did believe that we should do our best to understand his needs and help him to make the right decisions”. This is Attitude.
3. I did and I still believe that each customer has different needs, and being able to address them effectively means Flexibility, the customer comes first.
4. Do the right thing, keep promises, honor commitments, and treat customers, suppliers, and your employees with fairness and respect. That means Integrity.

Time passed, and Rolf Control Acces has forged its own path to success, becoming a mature security system integrator, and turn-key installer that deploys a variety of high-end security solutions for major companies in Eastern and Central Europe.

Those four ideas still guide us today.

What makes us different? Probably the services approach. We believe that even if the system components are of high quality, but the installation and support services are poor, the customer is not getting any value, just wasting money. So, in our opinion, good services will always make a difference.

That is why I encourage you to give us the opportunity to propose one of our solutions to protect your business. I do hope that you will be delighted.”


Mihai Rotar
CEO and Founder of Rolf Control Acces
Bucharest 15.03.2023

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access card readers installed


locks installed


TV cameras installed


alarm points and outputs installed


Km cables wired


locations with advanced security systems

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