Bespoke solutions. Probably the best solutions range. “One size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to managing security. Every organization has different security needs, priorities, policies, and standards.

By working with Rolf Control Acces, you can design a security solution that meets the specific needs of your organization – one that minimizes risks and reduces the likeliness of interruptions to your business.


Modern enterprises require multiple layers of security to provide a safe working environment, ranging from perimeter protection, managing access to parking and buildings, credentials, and visitors, to supporting onsite security officers.

Our enterprise security solutions create a security experience adapted to your business-specific needs, no matter the company size or number of branches.

Rolf Control Acces delivers innovative integrated security solutions that combine otherwise disparate physical security, communications and data integration capabilities onto one unified management platform.

One user experience.

One event, different systems with slightly different times? View status and control, in real-time, Portals, Elevators, Alarm Points, Output points, and Video. Synchronized access control and logical systems across the enterprise to provide a common identity for users.

One event and One clock for all systems. Easier and more accurate investigations.

Many people and multiple sites, difficult to understand threats and abnormal behaviors. Intelligent security solutions based on machine learning and deep learning technologies. Rule-based decisions with self-learning adaptation.

A new dimension of your security.

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Don’t get stuck with the limitations of old solutions. Scale your security solution quickly and cost-effectively in line with growing demands.

No matter the size, and the number of branches, the system performance remains the same.

Whether you manage one local high-rise building, several regional sites, or operate in hundreds of locations around the globe, you can manage a variety of people, such as employees, contractors, and visitors, more easily from the same application in a central location.

Simpler management, better security.

Real-Time Health and Status monitoring of security systems, no matter how many branches you have. Automatic software updates.

Quicker support, better security.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing facilities incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue every day due to theft, shrinking inventory, on-site accidents, workplace violence, and loss of proprietary trade secrets, just to name a few. Proper management of these risks is essential.

To create the safest and most secure environment, Rolf Control Access only proposes top-of-the-line integrated security solutions, always tailored to the specific needs of industrial customers.

Detect intruders with high reliability over large perimeters in the difficult outdoors. Rolf intelligent video detection systems substantially reduce the risk of trespassing, no matter the environmental conditions: dark night, heavy rain, dense fog, or blizzard.

Early awareness of intrusions gives time to react properly.

Rolf integrated security solutions—access control, video, and intrusion detection—provide quality protection for your inventory, trade secrets, recipes, and intellectual property.

Ensure that the right people are in the right places with robust and reliable security solutions.

Rolf’s security solutions ensure that only authorized persons can enter hazardous or high-risk zones, ensuring the safety of both staff and the public. Lock down your site quickly by just pushing a button to protect your people and assets when an incident occurs.

Rolf automated mustering solution is a vital resource to improve emergency response. It will identify and locate personnel still at risk and simplify drilling so that everyone can get back to normal work faster.

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The ability to move around the site seamlessly is important for an efficient and productive business. When movement on site becomes interrupted, it can cost the business both time and money.

Manage smooth vehicle flow around the site using our integrated LPR solutions, eliminating the need for vehicles’ long stops, while ensuring only authorized drivers are accessing approved areas.

You can reorganize your facilities; you can extend or restrain them all or only some parts as many times as you need. While our solutions can easily adapt to your needs, they will provide the same level of security.

Don’t get stuck with inappropriate security solutions. Call us to learn more.

One solution does not fit all. An industrial environment is a challenging one: the great dynamic of temperatures, moisture, and light changes, dust, oil, high electromagnetic fields, a heterogeneous pool of people, etc. In short, it is completely different from other business environments.

Rolf provides reliable and robust industrial solutions perfectly adapted to these specific conditions.

Commercial Real Estate

From parking barriers, turnstiles, and visitor management, to controlling elevator access and common areas, Rolf provides integrated modern security solutions for the unique challenges property management companies face when need to provide a safe multi-tenant environment.

No on-site Servers, PCs, Storage, or software to manage and maintain. Access control, video, and LPR can be easier to buy and use for all your office buildings. Rolf cloud security solutions reduce upfront costs, installation, and maintenance complications, and, in short, lower the total cost of ownership while improving your security management. Better investment.

Upgrade your current building(s), or build a new one? Our future-proof cloud security solutions of access will create better value for you. Easier to use and maintain, software, mobile credentials, touchless access readers, and modern visitor management will delight you and your tenants and, last, reduce the bills.

Rolf’s cloud-based commercial integrated security solutions allow for intuitive, remote management of multiple buildings from one dashboard, anytime, using only a laptop or any other mobile device.

With remote access control capabilities and real-time reports available on mobile devices, property managers can better address tenant issues, support, and staff events and easily provide reporting to management.

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Cloud solutions make it simpler to provide security solutions for your tenants at high standards. While you can manage the common areas, each tenant can monitor and manage his own partition of access control, video, and visitor management with 24/7 manufacturer support. Easier and simpler. Nobody needs to manage the plastic cards anymore…. because there will be no physical cards.

With Rolf’s flexible cloud security solutions, you will be able to adapt your building security system to your future needs and scale it easily as you lease more space or modify floor configurations. Our open platforms integrate with lifts, visitor management, video surveillance, biometric identification, license plate recognition, and more.

Easier, faster, better, and ready to use.

Real-time health and status monitoring of security systems 24/7 by the manufacturer. Automatic software updates and upgrades No expensive local technician is required. Remote diagnostics and component reset.

Online professional training for your operators as many times as you need.

Quicker support, better security.

Small and Medium Business

Invest your money and grow your company! At the same time, protect it, but don’t waste your funds on expensive security solutions or useless cheap ones (which are not efficient and often have bad technical support).

Rolf cloud security solutions offer you a much better alternative at reasonable costs with 24/7 support directly from the manufacturer. Recurrent small payments instead of high upfront costs. Pay for what you use.

Flexibility and better cash flow.

No on-site Servers, PCs, Storage, or software to manage and maintain. No specialized security managers to hire. No need to buy cheaper and ineffective systems anymore just because they are affordable.

Rolf cloud security solutions provide high-quality security at a fraction of the cost of a “traditional” security system.

Artificial Intelligence is a modern and very efficient technology that is found in the most advanced on-premise security systems today. Expensive technologies.

Now, these technologies can be available to you at a fraction of the cost using cloud technology.

Easier, faster, better, and ready to use.

Our platforms make it easy to add or remove employees or equipment using intuitive, customized dashboards from home, office, or business travel. It’s also built for total mobile access. No need to manage cards; employees can use their phones as key cards to open doors.

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The strong physical and cyber security profiles of the cloud’s highly secure cloud data centers are too difficult and costly to implement for fully on-premise security systems, especially for small offices, shops, service centers, and production facilities. With a cloud-based system, all customers can affordably share in the strong security provided by your physical security system.

Simple to monitor events, simple to search and investigate, simple to receive alarms, and simple to make reports. All from any mobile device, with no need for any special resource.

Simple solutions that can be managed by an ordinary person, from anywhere, just with a few security systems bits of knowledge.

Real-Time Health and Status monitoring of security systems. Automatic software updates. No need to waste your money on service support contracts. No need to waste your time on calls for support.

Quicker support, better security.

Financial Services

A bank, an insurance company, or a broker all need reliable physical security to protect assets and offer a convenient experience for customers. Sensitive data and assets require strong access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance to ensure customer privacy and compliance with policies and regulations.

Multi-site control and administration are made easy with Rolf’s advanced security systems and scalable solutions. Users can manage an unlimited number of facilities, devices, and people from a single interface. Everything can be part of one large system or a standalone system. The user experience is the same either way.

Rolf offers all-in-one security platforms that bring together access, alarms, intrusion, video, visitors, vendors, control points, biometrics, intercom, and reporting in a single product. Once disparate systems are now one system with one Web UI, one database, and one set of synchronized events available on any device, anywhere, at any time. The power and ease of use of a unified security platform are with you, no matter where you are.

Rolf’s solutions provide the ability to simultaneously see and control every facility from any device, anywhere, anytime, without software or mobile apps.

  • Respond to alarms from anywhere.
  • Arm, disarm, bypass, and disable the intrusion system from anywhere.
  • Lockdown the building from anywhere
  • View video events and video from any camera … and many more.
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Make a step forward from a passive to a proactive security system. In real-time, 24/7, the AI of your security system analyzes every aspect of security and determines if it should notify anyone or automatically control something based on analytics, rules, and intelligence. Combined with the ability to respond from anywhere at any time, security risks can be addressed immediately, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Rolf Cloud Solutions provides better cyber security protection than any on-premise security system because the main infrastructure will be in the cloud, in multiple redundant data centers.

Each data center is protected 24/7 by the cloud team of experts and AI software. All hardware, data, and connectivity are redundant, automatically backed up, and protected against cyber-attacks and natural disasters. Penetration tests of software and infrastructure are performed regularly.

Managing many banking branches is a costly proposition and a security risk. Money couriers, cleaning staff, and employees all have to be given keys or cards. When a master key is lost, all the doors have to be re-keyed, and if a card is lost, it has to be re-issued. Mobile access technology is a cost-effective solution, and combining mobile access control with video surveillance analytics is a good recipe for efficient security.


School security is one of the most important efforts and disciplines in the physical security industry. Keeping pupils, students, teachers, and staff safe is essential for any learning community. They are the most precious and vulnerable population. Rolf’s integrated security solutions provide complete control of your facilities, from dormitories to classrooms and labs. Create a better learning environment.

Touchless mobile access for all campus buildings means no painful card administration anymore, but secure rooms. 24/7 remote access to all data and controls in the cloud, automatic door schedules for school hours, and special events, just to name a few benefits. To learn more, please contact us.

Manage multiple secure locations (i.e., TV cameras, controlled doors, alarm points) and users with centralized security platforms, wherever you are. Quickly and accurately get a notification and identify suspicious activity with advanced video analytics at a fraction of the cost.

A school environment is complex and difficult from a security point of view. “Traditional” security systems are not proactive, being used more as a post-event tool. For instance, “classical” video security cannot physically prevent crime. However, with some AI-powered options, smart video security solutions can proactively scan their surroundings and notify the appropriate personnel for things like suspicious behavior, unidentified people, specific license plates, and so on. Call us to learn more.

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Access control, Video Management, or Intrusion cannot provide proper security alone. This is the role of an integrated security system; whenever a security event occurs, all its sub-systems will unitarily and synergistically respond, properly, and in due time.

Modernizing campus security is of the utmost importance in today’s environment, and that process starts with understanding the state of a school’s real vulnerabilities and finding proper solutions. Answers to questions like these must be readily available and accurate: what equipment should I choose and where should it be located? Rolf, with its 30 years of experience in the security industry, can help you find the most cost-efficient solutions. Please contact us to learn more.

Performant security systems are cost-prohibitive for many schools or universities that are conscious of budgets. This put the schools in a challenging position: despite small budgets, schools shouldn’t have to compromise on safety and security. Rolf’s cloud security solutions are consistently more advanced and affordable than traditional on-premise options. Call us to see how our solution can solve this challenge.

Healthcare security

Healthcare is a pretty general term for many types of organizations of different dimensions and complexities, like hospital campuses, medical dispensaries, medical offices, and Gyms & Wellness Centers, to name a few. However, theft and loss of medication and equipment and the need to protect patients, staff, and facilities continue to be common problems. Rolf offers modern and cost-effective security solutions, perfectly adapted to size, complexity, and budgets.

Integrated video analytics and access control solutions help medical institutions protect patients and staff proactively. Smart security solutions can locate misplaced or stolen objects (machines, patient devices, medicine, vehicles, etc.), track high-risk patients, help address cases of employee or visitor aggression, and address other emergency management risks immediately.

Using dynamic maps of your facilities will help you keep track of high-risk patients, visitors, and staff’s exact locations as they move through the facilities. Use our advanced access control solutions, and you will be able to locate patients and staff in critical moments. Administrators will always have a clear picture across the entire location(s) to improve patient care and daily operations.

Today, electronic access control is a fundamental need for any healthcare facility’s security. It is an easier and more secure method of controlling where and when people enter the protected areas. Rolf makes it even easier for you, proposing touchless access control systems for frictionless mobile door entry solutions. No card management, no “dirty” cards, and no lanyards anymore.

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No on-premises expensive servers, NVRs, and/or complex configurations. Less local maintenance and no need for complicated manual updates and upgrades. Modern Rolf Cloud Systems architecture enables simple deployment, a low total cost of ownership, and improved solution reliability.

Easily manage visitor permissions for your facilities and automatically grant visitor passes for unlocking the right doors at the right times for a hassle-free experience. Long queues at the reception desks could be history, and your corridors will be less crowded and safer.

There are moments when you need to deal with epidemics and impose quarantine on your facility. Just lock down certain areas or all your premises based on advanced scenarios and different codes for different situations. Just clicking some buttons.


We know that the retail industry must face several security challenges, including break-ins, assault, internal theft, shoplifting, clerical errors, shrinkage, fraudulent claims, parking security, and, lastly, a high turnover. And all this in a very competitive environment with narrow profit margins. Our solutions help retailers unite their systems into a single networked solution that allows them to see what’s happening in any store and reduce losses.

Centralize physical security devices and empower users with an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud platform that integrates access control and intelligent video management systems in a unified solution that simplifies your retail security operations with a smarter approach to security. Lower initial costs; no on-site servers, PC storage, or software.

Keep your customers and staff safe and your merchandise protected in real-time using our partner Avigilon’s pervasive video and audio analytics. Track goods and control access as trucks enter your warehouses. Detect verbal aggression, loitering, shrinkage (theft, break-ins), and vandalism based on predefined rules.

No matter the scale, you will be covered with easy-to-install hardware and remote access using the same intuitive interface, regardless of where your video is stored, either in the cloud or on-premises. Our video management solutions let you select what video is stored on-premises and what video is stored in the cloud. Choose by camera, by time, and by resolution, and record at both locations for reliability and redundancy.

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No need to worry about the costs; you can upgrade your retail security system simply and with low costs. Our solutions are simple to install, easy to use, and require low maintenance. Paired with broad camera compatibility, numerous analytic tools, and an open API platform, Rolf’s cloud solutions provide businesses with a tool that is more than just a security system.

Use our Avigilon solution, and you will be able to track and manage inventory, reduce shrinkage, and identify false liability claims throughout your facilities. Smart Search enables operators to search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image within minutes across all stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. Identify repeat offenders or suspects, or use parking lots to detect and track them. Flexible storage options.

Mobile credentials and Wave to Unlock for fast, reliable touchless entry. Instantly issue and revoke access, and remotely set door schedules and permissions for work hours and holidays. Our cloud remote access control solution is available to all controls 24/7 with limitless scalability to support all your locations and users.


Energy facilities – including power plants and power grids – are a core part of critical infrastructure that keeps millions of homes, public services, and businesses working. If any part of this vital network were compromised, it could cost an energy company vast sums in compensation. Crime, vandalism, and politically motivated or terrorist attacks are constant threats that energy companies should prepare for.

Integrate physical security systems and empower users with an intuitive, easy-to-use on-premise or cloud platform that centralizes access control, intrusion alarms, and intelligent video management systems into a unified solution that simplifies your security operations through a smarter approach.

Detect intruders with high reliability over large perimeters in the difficult outdoors. Rolf intelligent video detection systems substantially reduce the risk of trespassing, no matter the environmental conditions: dark night, heavy rain, dense fog, or blizzard. Rolf’s Video Analytics solutions can also help you gain a better understanding of your plant and its risks. By spotting trends, you can adapt your security strategy to become more effective.
Early awareness of intrusions gives time to react properly.

Keep your contractors, visitors, and staff safe and your infrastructure protected in real-time using pervasive video and audio analytics from our partner Avigilon. Anyone who has access to an area will be logged into the system, creating an audit trail that can be easily traced in the future.

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Quickly accounting for personnel in the event of an incident is crucial for the energy plant’s operations. With Rolf Control Acces Security’s mustering solutions, you can easily identify where people are on-site to help everyone reach safety when an emergency occurs. If required, a partial or total site lockdown can be quickly established with access available to selected groups.

No matter the scale, you will be covered with easy-to-install hardware and remote access using the same intuitive interface, regardless of where your video is stored, either in the cloud or on-premises. Our video management solutions let you select what video is stored on-premises and what video is stored in the cloud. Choose by camera, by time, and by resolution, and record at both locations for reliability and redundancy.

Nowadays, you need to think beyond just physical security since many threats are now related to your plant’s digital safety. Rolf Control Acces security solutions provide end-to-end encryption using the latest standards. They also support third-party multifactor authentication in addition to smart credentials, biometrics, mobile, and PIN reader technologies.