Integrated Security Systems

While many companies today understand the importance of access control, video, or intrusion detection solutions, they lack understanding of the synergistic effect of integrating all these solutions.

Systems integration brings out the best in most security solutions, putting together a platform for easy interaction between various security and business applications and making them work as one.

Moreover, integration allows easy management of all these supposedly disparate components and, in addition, brings a higher level of security to the organization.

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Access control, video surveillance, and intrusion systems are all vital tools in the security arsenal.

However, choosing only one tool or taking them separately cannot provide real security because it deprives you of correlating event data, which seriously diminishes your investigative capabilities. Ultimately, it affects the speed of decision-making, which is important, especially in critical situations.

For instance, forcing the security operators to know an access or intrusion event occurred in one system and then jump into a separate system to locate then view the video feed can cost valuable time and even miss the moment. Note that when there is an incident, security people may only have a few seconds to make a decision. And even when it’s not an emergency, it’s just plain inefficient.

An integrated system is basically a software platform that allows access control, video, intrusion, and other possible security tools to operate and respond fast, in a coordinated, unified, and synchronized manner, whenever a security event occurs.

The systems to be integrated and the level of integration depend on the specific needs of each customer. Most often, the integrations are between access control, burglary, and video, but they can also be integrated with the organization’s systems (HR, Payroll, etc.).

Rolf integrated solutions has many benefits

Improved Security

Easier security management

Global security approach: Centralize the monitoring and event response, and administration of the entire system using fewer resources. Manage all security aspects from one place through one software app, either from a laptop or from your smartphone. It’s easier to learn, monitor, operate, manage and run reports.

Work together efficiently: Security, HR, IT, Facility and Management departments, every team works together on the same platform, sharing the same information, but using its own screens. No more e-mails, no omitted information, no need to type the same data many times, and no more typing errors.

Easier maintenance

Splitting security responsibilities between multiple parties or simply sticking with legacy systems for too long can create major problems for modern businesses.  An integrated system brings all maintenance and upgrading aspects into a single hub. Easier to maintain, even remotely, and easier to upgrade.

Reduced costs

  • The use of “off-the-shelf” modern products reduces the costs of both implementation and maintenance while increasing continuity and efficiency in delivery.
  • Reduce costs in owning, managing, updating/upgrading using virtual machines/ appliances, or, better, cloud-based systems.
  • Centralized management of security results in less need for on-site personnel, and reduced licensing costs for hardware and software.
  • Using your organization’s network and IP-based security equipment (i.e.: IP cameras) enables more sites to be monitored with fewer on-site personnel.
  • Using equipment that connects to and communicates over your existing IP network infrastructure greatly reduces the expense involved with deploying equipment.
  • Integrating with building automation functions, such as heating and lighting, can save you money by better controlling them when needed.
  • Unifying your security systems reduces administration costs and prevents overlap. With multiple teams providing various support services, you may unwittingly be paying more. With your security managers and operators needing to learn multiple security systems, your efficiency will go down, while your costs will go up.

Scalability and extensibility

Traditionally, you probably procure and implement new or completely separate security systems, as well as have to contract personnel to guard and manage a new site.

Rolf solutions allow you to scale your security needs quickly and cost-effectively in line with growing demands. With the core infrastructure in place, bringing additional systems/sites online is simpler.

Continuity of Service

With multiple web-based autonomous security systems that are each capable of receiving and monitoring signals from local sites, collectively managed by a Global Security System, your security team can provide consistent service levels—even in the unlikely situation when the Global Operation Center would go offline.

What if a critical event occurs during system failure and you miss precious information?”. High Availability concept applied to a security system means the system will continue to operate during a failure event. Taken further, the clients will continue to have access to live and recorded information when the primary server fails.