“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

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“Good job this afternoon and thanks for a great installation over the last few weeks to all at Rolf.”


“As part of my role here, I am usually engaged at a very early stage of any new project Oracle looks to undertake. Usually, my first concern is not the size, cost, timescale, or location of any project, but in fact who I will engage to deliver the Security Systems. I can honestly say that when I see “New Project, Bucharest” land in my Inbox, my worries dissipate!

There are very few VAR’s in the EMEA region who are as reliable, professional, and ethical as you and it is always a pleasure to do business with yourselves and your team, they are a credit to you.”


“There are many companies that also use in-country partners, what I hope separates us from our competitors is our goal to work with you as a partner. Simply put Northland Controls needs our trusted partners more than they need us if we are to succeed, and to this end, we see doing business as a true partnership rather than the more traditional customer/supplier relationship. From my conversations with ….., Rolf takes exactly the same approach to its customers as Northland does to ours, and I hope with this common outlook to the business ethos that both parties can forge a successful and productive relationship”

Northland Controls

“I was impressed by the job being done by your team. I know, that it is very difficult to get everything done in a live office environment. What I have seen so far is excellent work.
I appreciate your flexibility in e.g. installing some cameras in a kind of temporary mode and to finally connecting them only when the patch panels are available. Also, the solution with the temporary computer to configure devices and put them into offline mode is very helpful.”


“Hello, all,
Oh, what wonderful news”,(nn. choosing Rolf) I can say. You’ve taken the right decision, I collaborated very well with Rolf on a previous project at Bridge 1.”


“Hi Guys,
Good work on site, thanks for the photos and good installation.”

Universal Security Systems at Google

Thank you very much for the completed worksheets.
I must say you have been the best LSP I have used. All paperwork completed and sent back efficiently, and you have even attached the report for the remote testing. Absolutely fantastic.
Have a great weekend!”

FSS Limited

“Hi,I’d like to thank you and the entire Rolf team that has been working on the Sensata projects over the last two weeks. I admit that this time it was even harder than before. We had some problems with the subcontractors, and we also had to replace several doors and walls due to the last minute fire brigade requirement. All members of the team demonstrated willingness and did their best to complete these projects in a very small time frame. As usual there were some ordinary problems with execution of the tasks, but good organization and dedication made this possible. I would like to thank you once again and especially to Alex, who demonstrated unprecedented patience and decisiveness to resolve any single problem in a very professional manner.
Best regards.”

Sensata Technologies

Photos of Rolf Installations

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”